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Outage Notifications

Following are the slides presented at the Town Hall meeting on January 11th.

After reviewing the slides, continue to the bottom of the page for important additional notes.

Outage 1.24

Outage 1.24 (2)

Outage 1.24 (3)

  • For the Emergency Generator Tests, CU will make an announcement over the building loud speaker to warn occupants of each shutdown. (10 min before each shutdown- 4 total announcements)
  • All red outlets and outlets with red labels are fed from the generator.
  • Personnel will be stationed at doors throughout the building in the event that the prox card readers malfunction.
  • Steve Haemmerlein has a limited number of extension cords available for use during the outage for equipment that doesn’t reach a red outlet. Please contact him if you would like to borrow one.
  • Contact information for onsite Electricians during the Power Outage: Roger Noonan – 303-265-1294 and Vaughn Ochs – 303-265-1296
  • Fume Hood Safety: for both outages, DO NOT use your fume hoods - if possible, power your fume hood off; all materials should be capped and sealed; any equipment inside the fume hoods should be powered off or placed in safe mode; and close your sashes!
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