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Events Policy

Full JSCBB Events Policy

JSCBB Events Policy Summary

  1. JSCBB Facilities are made available only to those individuals and groups who adhere to JSCBB and University Policies and the Laws of the State of Colorado and of the United States of America. Groups or individuals must be in good-standing with the JSCBB.
  2. No JSCBB facility may be used in a manner that disrupts the JSCBB’s teaching, research, and administrative activities.
  3. JSCBB facilities may not be used in any manner that makes it appear, whether expressly or implicitly, that the JSCBB or the University is endorsing a political, sectarian, or religious position.
  4. All monies collected in JSCBB facilities must be deposited into a University or University Foundation account unless prior arrangements are made with the JSCBB Events office.
  5. JSCBB facilities may not be used for commercial, personal, or private financial gain except as approved by the JSCBB Administration.
  6. The use of open fire or flame is prohibited in the JSCBB.
  7. All individuals or groups except recognized JSCBB residents may be charged a fee for the space along with other charges that may accrue.
  8. Any scheduled event has clear priority over unscheduled or spontaneous events in all JSCBB facilities.
  9. All scheduled use of JSCBB facilities must be conducted in such a manner so as not to disrupt other users of JSCBB facilities. Such users include but are not limited to academic, administrative, and research users. 
  10. JSCBB Events Office may enforce limits on sound (both amplified and nonamplified) used at events in JSCBB facilities. 
  11. Violations of these policies (or other policies of the JSCBB) may result in the immediate cancellation of the event, cancellation of pending scheduled events and the suspension of scheduling privileges for a period of one year. Such penalty shall be applied at the direction of the JSCBB Administrator.
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